In solidarity with Belarus

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20 August 2020: in closing today’s webinar on The New Despotism, Professor Martin Krygier invited all participants to think on the events unfolding in Belarus right now.

Referencing the presentation (and related book) by today’s speaker, Professor John Keane, Professor Krygier noted that:

One of the despotisms John discusses is that of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus.

In recent weeks, he has staged and claimed to win a rigged election on 9 August, in which his opponent – and wife of his earlier jailed opponent – was forced to flee with her children to Lithuania.

Peaceful protests by hundreds of thousands have been occurring all over the country. These have been met with great brutality, violent police crackdowns, and indiscriminate arrests, as an example of intransigent despotism.

This is a pivotal moment for the Belarussian despotism and, more importantly, for its people. What is happening, and what follows, is also likely to have geopolitical consequences.

Martin Krygier

He went on to recommend that those who wish to donate to support the Belarussian people in these critical times can go to a Facebook website for that purpose: read more here