Constitutional Imaginaries – webinar recording

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Speaker: Jiří Přibán

On 8 June 2022, our panel was joined by Professor Jiří Přibán* to discuss his recent book, Constitutional Imaginaries: A Theory of European Societal Constitutionalism (Routledge, 2021).

For this occasion, our panel was the leaders of our project, Honorary Associate Professor Adam Czarnota and Professor Martin Krygier, of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and Professor Wojciech Sadurski of the University of Sydney.

The session was recorded and the archive edition is now available for viewing.^

The discussants take a tour of key themes from the book, then the international audience participated in the Q&A session (Q&A begins after about 1 hour).

View the session

Listen to the session

This talk was co-hosted by the CEU Democracy Institute with the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law.

^Recording was advised to all participants. Views expressed herein are those of the authors/speakers and are not necessarily those of the Australian Government, the Australian Research Council, or the individual’s parent institution.

*Jiří Přibáň is Professor of Law, Cardiff University, UK. He graduated from Charles University in Prague (1989) where he was appointed professor of legal theory, philosophy and sociology in 2002. He has published extensively in the areas of social theory and sociology of law, legal philosophy, constitutional and European comparative law, and theory of human rights. His monograph Sovereignty in Post-Sovereign Society (Routledge) was awarded the SLSA Socio-Legal Theory and History Book Prize. His article ‘Reconstituting paradise lost: temporality, civility and ethnicity in post-communist constitution-making’, published in Law&Society Review, won the SLSA Hart Socio-Legal Article Prize. He is the founding director of the Centre of Law and Society and an editor of the Journal of Law and Society. He regularly contributes to the Czech and international media.