Chief Investigators

By no means the first collaboration between Chief Investigators Adam Czarnota, Martin Krygier, and Wojciech Sadurski, this project brings together these long-time colleagues with an enduring interest in scholarly work as a contribution to realising democracy, each to focus on a significant element of the project outcomes.

Over the next three years or so, they will enquire into ‘constitutional populism’ – a recent phenomenon sweeping the globe with the potential to change our fundamental understandings of democracy.

Underpinnings, aspirations and consequences of constitutional populism are social, political, and legal, which need to be described, analysed, revealed and evaluated.

Our team is designed for this: Adam has extensive scholarly and leadership experience in socio-legal studies, Martin has acknowledged expertise in social theory and Wojciech in legal and political philosophy. To that pool of skills we will be adding those of our collaborators who bring a specific focus relevant to national case studies, or an additional perspective in any one of these domains.

Adam Czarnota

Honorary Associate Professor Adam Czarnota is located at the School of Law, Society and Criminology, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, and Co-Director – Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law. Until late 2021, Adam was active in teaching at UNSW Law (Law and Social Theory, Legal Theory, European Union Law, European Human Rights Law and Institutions), after a three year sojourn as Scientific Director of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati, Spain. His recent publications are principally in Polish.

Martin Krygier

Professor Martin Krygier is the Gordon Samuels Professor of Law and Social Theory, Co-Director – Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law, Co-Director – Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, and Honorary Professor, RegNet, at the Australian National University.  Some of his recent papers are accessible online.

Wojciech Sadurski

Professor Wojciech Sadurski holds the Challis Chair in Jurisprudence at the University of Sydney, with research interests including legal theory, philosophy of law, liberal political philosophy and theory of justice, constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism, and constitutionalism of Central and Eastern Europe. A summary of his publications can be seen on his university page.