For forthcoming events, registration is available via the relevant post:

  • The Human Right to a Name
    4 September 2019 at UNSW Law, Sydney Recognizing the Human Right to a Name and the Implications for Giving and Changing Personal Names Speaker: Alison Dundes Renteln  Alison Dundes Renteln is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern California, with joint appointments in Anthropology, Law, and Public Policy.* Ideas Professor Reteln will speak … Read More
  • Augmented Democracy – (Th)e-Rule of Law and Democrac-e
    24 July 2019 at UNSW Law, Sydney How could technology augment processes associated with selection of representatives to the legislature and the creation of legislation? Speaker: Paul Burgess Paul teaches Public Law, Human Rights, and Constitutional Theory at the University College London. His research is interdisciplinary and his core research area is Rule of Law. … Read More

Individual posts about events will include a link to the pre-event working paper, if one is available, plus a post-event recording, if one is made.