A Pandemic of Populists

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This monograph from Wojciech Sadurski, one of the leaders of our research project, promises to provide another substantial serving of food for thought in these very complex times.

Available in July 2022 – preorder now from Cambridge University Press

Over the last decade, the world has watched in shock as populists swept to power in free elections. From Manila to Warsaw, Brasilia to Budapest, the populist tide has shattered illusions of an inexorable march to liberal democracy.

In responding to these developments, this book eschews simplistic notions of a unified global populism, and instead unpacks the diversity and plurality of populisms.

It highlights the variety of constitutional and extraconstitutional strategies that populists have used to undermine the institutional fabric of liberal democracy, and investigates how ruling populists have responded to the COVID-19 crisis.

Outlining the rise of populisms and their governing styles, Wojciech Sadurski focuses on what populists in power do, rather than what they say.

Confronting one of the most pressing concerns of international politics, this book offers a vibrant, contemporary account of modern populisms and, significantly, considers what we can do to fight back.

‘A renowned expert in constitutionalism, Wojciech Sadurski offers a sophisticated analysis of populism as it pertains to the current situation, particularly in Poland and Hungary, but also in India, the Philippines, Brazil and Venezuela. This innovative analysis of the relationship of populists in power to courts is complemented by equally original discussion of populism in the time of COVID, and of the antidotes that might work against populists in and out of power. The book is excellent and should be read by everyone interested in the topic.’

Jean L. Cohen, Columbia University