Democratic Backsliding: A View from Poland and Beyond

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10 August 2020, webinar

Hosted online by the Israel Democracy Institute at 12:00PM (Jerusalem time)

In recent years, the world has witnessed Poland transforming its highly celebrated democracy, while giving rise to populist movements and ideas. While the Polish case-study has its specificities, backsliding of democratic regimes towards other, flawed, types of democracies is perceived as a global phenomenon and cause for concern. But are there really similar characteristics between the various relevant cases? And if so – can other countries and democracy-promoting agents learn from the Polish situation in order to counter-play such developments?

Through a discussion in the most comprehensive work on the Polish case-study – Professor Wojciech Sadurski’s latest book “Poland’s Constitutional Breakdown” – this webinar provides an opportunity to discuss these and other quintessential questions from a comparative outlook. 

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