Augmented Democracy – (Th)e-Rule of Law and Democrac-e

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24 July 2019 at UNSW Law, Sydney

How could technology augment processes associated with selection of representatives to the legislature and the creation of legislation?

Speaker: Paul Burgess

Paul teaches Public Law, Human Rights, and Constitutional Theory at the University College London. His research is interdisciplinary and his core research area is Rule of Law.

He will speak to four ways in which technology might augment democracy using technology that is already with us – or nearly so. By imagining a (not too far-fetched) future in a (not too far-removed) democratic state, he reflects on the idea that when it comes to democracy and the Rule of Law, our intuitions may, in some respects at least, lead us astray.

Related working paper: download here

Our project is co-hosting this talk with the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law.

The event is free but registration is important to secure your seat.