Italy as Democracy’s Mirror

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Edited by Paul Blokker and Manuel Anselmi, Multiple Populisms: Italy as Democracy’s Mirror is a (forthcoming) collection of essays from scholars familiar with the historical, social, and politico-legal, variables of populism as a concept, as well as the recent history of Italy as a venue for populist political forces.

Starting at the early 1990s and looking forward to the current situation, they seek to address themes that are readily seen in the present debate over contemporary populism in quite an array of countries.

Pivotally, they discuss who are “the people” in a given form of democracy, and then what role does populism play in transforming parties, the public sphere, and politics more generally.

The cover summary goes directly to the heart of a central dilemma:

Populism is a complex, multi-faceted political phenomenon which redefines many of the essential characteristics of democracy; participation, representation, and political conflict.

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