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Concilium Civitas is an independent initiative of Polish scientists representing a variety of social sciences and working at the world’s leading universities. The project has made its web site available in Polish and English, where the group behind the initiative says of itself:

We work at different universities away from Poland but we feel close to Polish affairs. Some of us were born and educated in Poland. Some of us have found another ways to enter the circle of Polish affairs. Poland is a scientific discipline for some of us. And some of us are interested in Polish affairs besides our scientific disciplines.

The first meeting of Concilium Civitas will be in Warsaw in July 2019, to discuss core phenomena and global trends of major significance for Poland and in Poland.

Plenary sessions are open to registered participants and will feature will Concilium Civitas members and scientists working in Poland (seats are limited – register via their main web site).

The first edition of the initiative’s Almanac will be launched during the meeting. The Almanac includes articles sent by Concilium Civitas members and it offers an overview of global phenomena and trends which, according to the project members, have significant impact on Poland and importance in the country.