Background on Hungary

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For those less familiar with the state of things in Hungary, a range of items from Gábor Halmai, one of the national collaborators in this project, is collected here to provide context for the project interest in this case.

In a forthcoming paper, Gábor is planning to look at various approaches to populism, to build on his work in progress on Populism, Authoritarianism, and Constitutionalism. The point of focus will be about the possibility of identifying authoritarian populism that is distinct from non-populist authoritarians, where the central reference is to Hungary (as a kind of model approach in East-Central Europe and maybe even beyond).

Gábor’s earlier writing on this is highlighted by entries on Verfassungsblog and EUI Blogs: Constitutionalism and Politics in relation to Hungary. So, for further background reading, see: