Background on the Philippines

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With much of the debate on ‘democratic backsliding’ focussed on events in Central and Eastern Europe, in this project we are embracing examples from around the world including the Philippines.

In this collection of background materials, get an insight into the lay of the land, including some from our national collaborator, Imelda Deinla.

2018 – what is signalled by the removal of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Read more of this comment from Imelda Deinla, Veronica Taylor, and Steven Rood.

2018 – highlighting a particular feature of the Duterte presidency: read more from Malcolm Cook on ‘Separating the Philippine state from the church’.

2017 – read the proceedings from a conference on Regulation and Governance in the Philippines, which looked at questions such as ‘With law and order as Duterte’s overriding narrative, how will a vision of inclusive growth translate into equitable development and better social outcomes? What role can regulation and governance do to attain these goals?’

On the election of Duterte in May 2016, see two articles in Journal of Democracy Vol 27(4): ‘Elite Democracy Disrupted?’ by David Timberman; Julio Teehankee and Mark Thompson ‘Electing a Strongman’.

Imelda Deinla and Veronica Taylor ‘An Annotated Bibliography on Justice and Legal Pluralism in Mindanao (Philippines)’ (2015), available from SSRN 

Imelda Deinla ‘Public Support and Judicial Empowerment of the Philippine Supreme Court’, a journal article available from JSTOR

2011 – Bjoern Dressel asks ‘The Philippines: how much real democracy?’ in an article available from ResearchGate