A word with Wojciech Sadurski

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As one of the Chief Investigators for the project, Wojciech Sadurski brings rich expertise in legal and political philosophy – not least in relation to the philosophy of law, liberal political philosophy and theory of justice, constitutional theory, and comparative constitutionalism – from more than 45 years of teaching and research, including at universities in the USA, Singapore, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, Poland, and Israel over the last decade.

In a recent conversation,  Wojciech noted again that ‘I have been recently researching and writing on, among other things, the questions of supranational intervention in nation-states which offends against the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and this will be one of the important foci of the project.’

Set to take the lead on a detailed examination of the case of Poland, he went on to say ‘I see my contribution to this project as an extension of my work on post-communist constitutional transformation and political legitimacy, especially at a transnational level, and one that will leverage a variety of my recent projects. This will also tap into my very long-standing research interests in the constitutionalism of Central and Eastern Europe.’